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NEXTV is the TV service provided through the Internet using Over The Top (OTT) technology.Regular TV requires the separate broadband cable channel, while OTT technology provides access to high quality video having just a regular Internet access.

NEXTV is available on the Roku Streaming Player - a series of digital media player set-top boxes manufactured by Roku. Roku players feature high-definition streaming and built-in wireless, so you can deliver the best instant entertainment to virtually any room in your home. All models of Roku are supported. If you don't have Roku you can buy it at Walmart, BestBuy, Staples and other stores. NEXTV makes access to your favorite TV programming even more easy and convenient, than it's ever been before.

Why should you choose NEXTV? There are several reasons that will persuade you.
  • Easy to start: subscribe to NEXTV, go to your Roku account - if you don't have it you need to create one and add NEXTV as a channel.
  • Easy to use: all you need is a good Internet - stable download speed 5 Megabit per second and more - and Roku Streaming Player.
  • Easy to enjoy: variety of channels from all over the world and that number is constantly growing.

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You don't need to pay more for some special Internet to watch your favorite channels with NEXTV. Free for any package.